Incubatrice digitale "Solaris" 549/A/24S con centralina e impianto con pannello solare
Incubator and control unit Solaris
Centralina "Solaris" per incubatrice
Control unit Solaris - 570
Incubatrice digitale "Solaris" 549/A/24S - spina per incubatrice
Incubator ET Solaris - Power cord
Incubatrice digitale "Solaris" 549/A/24S - spina per centralina
Incubator ET Solaris - Lid Plug
Digital Display
Ability to adjust the temperature from 30 ° C to 40 ° C, with variations of 0.1 ° C, by pressing the (+) and (-) keys - (Programming Mode).
Incubatrice digitale semi automatica ET 24 - oblò
Incubatror ET Solaris - Inspection window
The inspection windows allow you to follow all stages of incubation.
Incubatrice digitale automatica ET 49 - alveoli
Tilting system
The eggs are housed in the tilting cell system whose inclination is adjusted by the lever outside the incubator.
Incubatrice digitale semi automatica ET 12 - uova grandi dimensioni
Large eggs
Cell system to house eggs of various sizes, up to those of goose.
Incubatrice digitale semi automatica ET 12 - uova di piccole dimensioni
Small eggs
In each alveolus they can house 4 small eggs dimensions (e.g. quail).
Incubatrice digitale automatica ET 49 - griglia
Grid on which to arrange the eggs three days before the hatching (included).
Incubatrice digitale automatica ET 49 - bocchette
Vents are used to fill the water trays without opening the incubator, thus avoiding the dispersion of heat and humidity

Incubator ET 549/A/24S and Control unit SOLARIS 570

The incubator and the SOLARIS control unit are an integrated, highly technological system, designed by the engineers of the River Systems Research and Development Department.

In fact, their purpose is to make the EGGTECH® ET Solaris incubator self-sufficient from an energy point of view.

The SOLARIS control unit allows the EGGTECH® incubator to work connected to different energy sources:

  • Batteries
  • Solar Panel
  • Eletricity grid

For the operation of ET Solaris a direct current of 24V is required, which allows it to be powered by two 12V car batteries connected in series.

Depending on the capacity of the chosen batteries, it is possible to obtain more or less autonomy in the event of a power failure. We recommend using two 12V car batteries of at least 44 Ah.

If, on the other hand, we decide to couple the batteries to the solar panels, the autonomy is total within 24 hours. In fact, depending on the level of irradiation in the installation area, it is possible to supply electricity to the incubator during the day and at the same time recharge the batteries which will then supply the necessary energy during the night.

What’s more, the batteries allow you to power the incubator even during any blackouts!

On the other hand, SOLARIS allows the incubator to also work with the mains. SOLARIS can be supplied with voltages between 90 V AC and 264 V AC, is equipped with overload protection and allows you to recharge the batteries that will supply the necessary energy during the night or in the event of a power failure.

Why choose the SOLARIS integrated incubator and control unit system?

This state-of-the-art control unit developed by River Systems’ Research and Development department integrates and manages three electrical energy sources simultaneously, prioritizing solar energy absorption in order to minimize grid electricity consumption. In fact, during the night the management passes to the batteries and if needed, as a last resort, the electricity grid is used.

SOLARIS is therefore the ideal choice for all those who want to hatch their eggs and give birth to their animals with the utmost respect for nature and ecology or for those who live in areas where the power supply is not constant over the arc. day but they want to make sure their incubator completes the entire incubation and hatching process.

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medium / large eggs



small eggs (e.g. quail)



V, single phase



Hz, nominal



Kw, daily average



every 2 hours


1 pc.

Pallet 120x83x210cm:


Pallet 120x83x246cm:


Pallet 120x106x210cm:


Pallet 120x106x246cm: